empower your mind & transform your life

Are you ready to create the success you seek?



transform your life from the inside out

"It's time to let go of the narrative that's holding you back & write a new story..."

Our biggest blocks often aren't out there - they're within us!


Here to help you uncover the hidden superpower that lies within you, waiting to be unleashed ~ Your true inner self!

We'll break free from limitations, upgrade old patterns, conquer fears, rewrite your story & create the success you seek!

Working together we'll unlock that inner well of strength, power and untapped potential.

We're in this together... Your transformation is my ultimate goal, and we'll embark on this journey as a dynamic duo. 

It's my joy to guide clients through my unique process ~ evidence based techniques combining the power of working with the conscious & subconscious mind ~ to radically transform your life in as little as one session.  

Clinical Hypnotherapist, Educator &
Mindset Mentor ~ consider me your own personal, empowering ally...

Hey, I'm Laura.

Using an innovative & personalised therapeutic approach  we uncover the root cause of your challenges, limiting beliefs & blocks that have built up throughout life...

We then reveal & heal them - upgrading & rewiring the subconscious for rapid and lasting change.

 Quite literally, rewiring your mind for success - it truly is so powerful!

1:1 inner mastery packages

Upgrade from the past, uplift your present & uplevel your future

A life free from self-doubt, self-criticism & self-sabotage

Free from over-giving, over-thinking & people-pleasing 

A life where you feel worthy, present + fulfilled

A life where you remember & value your true inner self

One where you can face life's challenges with resilience

A life where you feel confident + excited to successfully actualise your dreams  

imagine a life where nothing held you back...

Our lives often feel like they're moving
so fast...

 Our days are flying by, our kids are growing up, our mental load is growing & our overwhelm increasing... And in the midst of all this - we're inadvertently missing the abundance we're already living right now & some of our most precious moments in life.  

Mindful living is a way of finding calm (even + especially within the chaos). So while outside may feel turbulent, inside there is a steady sense of calm & compassion. 

Which is why I created Mindful as a Mother...
Together over 21 days, you can experience the profound effects this self-paced course can have over your entire life... Reducing stress + overwhelm & increasing calm, compassion, gratitude, hope + fulfilment. 

The perfect starting place for your
Inner Mastery Journey...

Finally. A Real-World
 (+ Science-Based Mindfulness) Program
 That Changes Lives in Just 21 Days

a 21-day self-paced course

mindful as a mother

shannon - client testimonial

"The understanding I have gained through working with Laura is truly PRICELESS"

Transformation 1 

joanne - client testimonial

"Since our session I feel ready to shine and stop playing small"

Transformation 2 

sherri - Client testimonial

"I feel so much lighter and I am certain, going forward with a new mindset, I will only go from strength to strength. You are amazing"

Transformation 3

Client testimonial

Laura is warm & calm & you immediately feel you are in safe hands.  She instinctively knows where to take it. That's when everything starts to make perfect sense & you have a massive "aha" moment

Transformation 4

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